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Live up to the mission and pursue the dream of the future - listen to the voice of progress from the

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The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Great country craftsmen, courier boys, bus drivers, rural teachers, scientific researchers, private entrepreneurs, village party secretary... October 22 At noon, after the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress, the second "Party Representative Channel" opened. 22 representatives from all walks of life, facing domestic and foreign media reporters, talked freely about the changes of the times, shared their experience of studying and discussing the report of the 20th National Congress, and told stories of struggle and dream in their respective fields.

The 100-meter passageway of the Great Hall of the People has become a window for getting to know the Chinese ruling party and observing the performance of party representatives at close range. Open and confident, demonstrating the mission of a century-old party.

Overcoming difficulties and showing responsibility

"We rely on independent innovation to build the world's fastest loading and unloading automated terminal. All equipment on this terminal runs automatically." Zhang Liangang, a senior expert of Shandong Port Group Co., Ltd., said proudly.

Zhang Liangang said frankly that on the road of independent innovation, the key core technologies cannot be obtained or bought. After repeated trials, failures, and even rebuilding, Zhang Liangang and his team not only successfully developed an automated terminal system, but also made it more advanced and smarter than their foreign counterparts.

"Only by studying hard and doing in-depth research can we be brave in innovation and dare to be the first." Representative Hong Jiaguang, a senior technician who develops special tooling tools for aero-engine parts, said that it was after more than 1,000 years of five years. After experimenting and overcoming difficulties one micron by one micron, the team finally developed a high-precision diamond roller grinding tool, which improved the machining accuracy of the installation part of the aero-engine blade.

Representative Liu Li from Daqing Oilfield, under the inspiration of Daqing Spirit, adhered to the original intention of "being a good worker" and devoted herself to research, and accumulated more than 200 technological innovation achievements.

Liu Li said that today's Daqing has changed from "one oil dominance" to "both oil and gas", moving from traditional energy to new energy field, and is confidently moving towards the goal of building a century-old oilfield go ahead.

Live up to the people and fulfill the original mission

From the grassroots level, serving the masses, party representatives from all walks of life share their efforts.

After graduating from college, Liu Xiuxiang, from Wangmo County, Guizhou Province, chose to return to his hometown to become a rural teacher, helping more children in the mountains to change their destiny through reading.

"In 2012, only 70 people in our county were admitted to universities, and in 2022, more than 1,300 people will be admitted to universities, and there will be at least one college student in each village." Liu Xiuxiang said emotionally. The state's investment in rural education has continued to increase, and the education in the hometown has undergone tremendous changes.

The hometown represented by bus driver Yang Yanfeng is Minning Town, Ningxia. "In the past, there were no buses in the town, and the people wanted to enter the city.Mainly by bicycle. With the advancement of urban-rural integration, in 2019, there were buses in the town, and I drove the first bus there. Yang Yanfeng said excitedly that it is now more convenient for the people in the town to enter the city, go to work, go to school, and shop, and the good policies of the party have allowed the people to live a happy life.

"In everyone's mind, we judges are all is sitting on the judgment seat. But in reality, we run around in the fields all the year round. Sometimes, in order to settle a dispute, we have to climb several mountains; in order to serve a legal document, we have to spend half a day on the road. Representative Peng Qiuxiang, Chief Judge of the Civil Trial Division of Xinyi City People's Court, Guangdong Province, said.

"We have developed a one-to-many charging system based on the popular project of 'public charging piles into the community'. Mobile shared charging piles solve management problems with technological innovation. "Representative Zhang Liming, squad leader of the power distribution emergency repair team of the State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Binhai Power Supply Company, said that as long as it is to serve the people, it is the direction of the team's efforts.

Perseverance and struggle to write the future

"In the past ten years, I have personally experienced the wave of digitalization sweeping China, making every cell in every industrial chain of our manufacturing country closely connected and full of vitality. "Representative Zhu Min, director of the Institute of Informationization and Industrialization Integration, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, used the keywords "reconstruction" and "resilience" to describe the process of the integration of China's industry and the wave of digitalization.

Zhu Min said, As front-line researchers, we must accelerate the pace of R