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Guizhou Juqi Xinxing Industrial Cluster Promotion New Industrialization

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Recently, when I walked into the production workshop of Guizhou Hanya Smart Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou, Guizhou, a driverless vehicle attracted people's attention. Like a \"eye\" vehicle navigating the planning path by itself, and automatically avoided the obstacles in front -this is the first generation of Robobus (unmanned minibus) developed by Hancase.

\"At present, Robobus’ s mass production work has continued to advance, and has obtained an intention order from foreign customers from Spain, South Korea, Britain, Australia, and domestic orders have begun to be gradually delivered. \" Hancase produced the world's first integrated automotive chassis through 3D printing, and released the \"PIX autonomous driving chassis multifunctional cabin products\" independently developed. Today, based on its own PIX autonomous driving city robot platform, a total of more than 30 autonomous driving products have been created, and it has been applied to various scenarios such as logistics, retail, and sanitation.

Hancase's breakthrough in the field of driverless technology has occupied the \"high point\" of new technologies and added the \"breakpoint\" of the industrial chain. In July this year, Hancase received an exclusive strategic investment of the Japan TIS Co., Ltd., successfully completed the A1 round of financing. This financing is mainly used for further research and development of the production and development of the three products of skateboard chassis, Robobus and unmanned cleaning robots, and continues to promote the layout of the international market.

This is not only an important milestone in the development of the enterprise, but also the result of the development of emerging industries in Guizhou.

In June 2015, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Guizhou, he asked Guizhou to promote the four wheels of new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and tourism industrialization.

Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of the important speech of Guizhou, took the overall situation with high -quality development, and focused on the \"four new\" to attack the \"fourizations\". Task, through one -handed \"change\" traditional industries, \"strong\" emerging industries in one hand, accurately enhance the level of industrial economic development.

Gathering the development advantage in industrial changes, the innovative development path of Guizhou, and the ten major industrial industries such as sauce and white wine, modern chemical, basic materials, big data electronic information, new energy vehicles and battery materials, etc. As an important starting point for achieving industrial breakthroughs, basic materials, new energy vehicles, and modern chemical industry have become the fastest growing area of \u200b\u200bindustrial added value in Guizhou in the past 5 years.

\"We caught it! In 2020 and 2021, the company's number of drivers and export volume two consecutive years ago was the world's first.\" Liu Xingguo, vice president of the joint -stock, was very emotional.

8 years ago, Zhongwei settled in the Dalong Economic Development Zone. At that time, the new energy market had not yet ushered in explosive growth. \"We choose the location everywhere. Guizhou's support in land, finance, services and other factors is incomparable.\" Liu Xingguo believes that Guizhou's forward -looking vision of industrial choices and the establishment of a good industrial development ecology have also become an important reason for the continuous growth of enterprises to grow. Essence

Based on the new advantage, Zhongwei Co., Ltd. holds the industry \"Golden Doll\": From the \"recruits\" of the new energy industry to the leading enterprise with an annual revenue of over 20 billion yuan and the global market share of the three -yuan pre -drive body, it has successively Establish a headquarters industrial base in Tongren City and establish Kaiyang Industrial Base in Kaiyang County.

Aimed at the leading role of strategic emerging industries. Guizhou By promoting the enhancement of leading enterprises, extending the industrial chain, strengthening innovation -driven, and effort, it has an important influential industrial cluster.

Represented by Ningde Times, the province has brought together a large number of leading enterprises and key projects in the new energy field. Whether it is the new material production base of Zhongwei New Materials Co., Ltd. in Kaiyang's layout, or a new application scenario of Guizhou Zhenhua New Materials Co., Ltd. planned to explore new materials in the field of liquid flow storage, Guizhou's entire industry The development direction of the chain is clear: it has become one of the important power battery material production and supply bases in the country.

Based on the industrial chain and industrial clusters, the \"specialized new\" enterprise and single champion enterprise. In the process of promoting the new type of industrialization, Guizhou also created a demonstration innovation platform to promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continuously improved the competition of emerging industries force. Guizhou Meiling Power Co., Ltd. was equipped with 9 types of zinc and silver batteries in the flying mission of Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft. \"By setting up a project research team, we solved the key technical problems of restricting the life of long and wet loads, which can meet the long -term electricity storage of the spacecraft for 10 months.\" Yu Bo, the designer of Meiling Power Battery, said that as a supporting manufacturer of zinc and silver battery, Mei Mei, Mei The products developed by Ling Power have been applied to major aerospace projects such as manned aerospace, exploration of the moon, and Beidou satellite navigation. Represented by Meiling Power, Guizhou has accelerated the promotion of emerging industries to improve the quality and increase efficiency, focusing on cutting -edge and common key technologies, intelligent manufacturing in aerospace fasteners, aviation forging \"Technology such as governance and other fields fills domestic gaps. \"We focus on the\" Four New \"main attacks' four -way\" main strategy, pay close attention to the leading industry to promote cluster development, bigger and stronger traditional industries, do specialty special color industries, excellent and emerging industries, and build a fitting The characteristics of the times and the characteristics of Guizhou characteristics. \"Li Wei, secretary of the party group and director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said. (Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter Jiang Tingting)