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Sanjiangyuan \"sister who breaks the wind and waves\": realize dreams by relying on loca

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Xining, October 20th: Sanjiangyuan \"Sister of the Wind and Waves\": Relying on the local products to realize his dream

Reporter Li Jiangning

\"Qu Ke Anda taught me grandma. I not only supported myself, but also Fortunately to help more people add a income, this is the best gift left to me, and the most precious heritage. \"Bai Ka said.

The 33 -year -old white card this year is the technical state inheritor of the Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Quick Anti -Material Cultural Heritage. Quc Anda is a traditional Tibetan candy. Tibetan means mellow milk cream, which has a history of making more than 4,000 years.

White cards were divorced when their parents were young, her father remarried, her mother married, leaving only her and her grandmother and grandmother to live in the pastoral area in Yunta Village, Hasao Township, Yushu City. \"When I was young, the conditions at home were not good, and it was a problem with food and clothing, let alone to eat candy.\" White card recalled the hard life of childhood. During the New Year, when I saw other children can eat candy, grandma could not bear the granddaughter's granddaughter We suffering, always using Tibetan traditional skills to make candy when they are quiet. \"After the yak milk refined butter and curl, the remaining transparent liquid is called 'curved'. After the fermentation of these liquids is made into a sweet and sour ointment, this is 'Anda'.\" Wait until the grandmother is done well. After Qu Ke Anda, he dipped some Qu Ke Anda with his fingers and kept sucking in his mouth.

Grandma is weak in age, and the white card takes two sisters to dig Cordyceps to maintain her livelihood. At the age of 17, Grandma left her forever. White Card is determined to inherit this grandma's \"taste\".

图为白卡经营的玉树牧女养殖专业合作社。 玉树市委宣传部供图

show that Dai Qingyongcuo is weighing specialties for customers. Photo by Fan Peizheng

\"The cooperative has been operating since 2015. The store sales have been bleak. Many times, no customers have come in for seven or eight days.\" High -quality green agricultural products have gone out of the mountain to benefit more herders. \"

In order to solve the problem of narrow sales, Dai Qingyong began to use WeChat to promote his own products. Also come to the door to deliver. Various agricultural products with affordable and quality of quality have begun to attract the attention of local people.

\"I signed an order with the 42 households in the local area. Most of them were set up a card household, and they directly acquired yak milk products from them.\" Dai Qingyongcuo told reporters. At present, the average annual income of each household with Dai Qing Yongcuo has reached 100,000 yuan. 图为代青永措正在直播带货。 范培珅 摄

The picture shows that the Qing Yongcuo is broadcasting the goods live. Photo by Fan Peizheng

This year, Dai Qingyong began to live on the short video platform. Under the blue sky and white clouds, Dai Qingyongcuo used the most beautiful natural scenery of his hometown as the live broadcast room, and warmly introduced netizens from all over the world to introduce Yushu's characteristic agricultural and livestock products. \"There are more and more online orders. There are many customers in Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunnan. Sometimes there are more than 100 orders a day. Online sales have been 390,000 yuan from this year.\" The achievements of the Qing Yongcuo were proud.

\"I want to help the local herdsmen solve the problem that the high -quality products cannot get out of high -quality products because of the poor sales. I see the help of the help of Ama, Ama, to show her innocent smile.\" Dai Qing Yongcuo said.

In the past ten years, Yushu City has implemented the \"Ecological Animal Husbandry Cooperative\" project in 9 villages in 6 townships and invested 1.8 million yuan in special funds. The development pattern of intensive and efficient agricultural and animal husbandry industries has expanded the channels of increased efficiency and income of herders.